Small Vans

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Small van transport

Even when it comes to long distance transport vans are incredibly useful tools. If you need light goods carried or the transport route involves narrow or winding roads they can be the ideal solution for ensuring that everything arrives safely, securely and on time. With a healthy selection of vans available, Michael Gall Transport will be able to offer the perfect vehicle for the task at hand.

What makes vans the best choice?

  • Ideal for restricted access
  • Low cost compared to lorries
  • Able to carry loads of up to 5 - 1005kg
courier service

Need rapid courier services?

Vans are ideal for small transport deliveries that a larger vehicle simply couldn’t react to. Whether it’s a small load or even a single urgently needed package, we will be able to ensure swift, effective point-to-point delivery. All you need to do is get in touch, we will be able to offer a rapid response to ensure that everything arrives on time.
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